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Who We Are

Osafo Adu-Amankwah & Co. (OAAC) founded in 2009 is a multi-faceted private law firm in Ghana providing excellent legal services to individuals and businesses.

We provide legal advice and opinions as well as represent clients in the court of law and other administrative bodies.

We also provide consultancy services in corporate and commercial areas such as International Trade and Investment, Mining and Mineral Law, Oil and Gas, Intellectual Property, Industrial and Labour Law, Immovable Property and Real Estate Transactions, Family Law as well as Alternative Dispute Resolution and Debt Recovery Services.


The firm has been engaged in several civil and commercial litigations and has drafted several agreements for well-known corporate bodies and individuals.

The firm maintains a network of strategic partners in a plethora of areas both locally and internationally in the public and private sector notably Global Recovery Group. This enables us to facilitate smooth business for our clients.

Our services are based on the principles of teamwork, confidentiality, loyalty, precision and commitment to ensure quality client service and satisfaction as it is our top priority.  We ensure that our clients receive excellent, professional and cost effective legal services.

At OAAC we consciously employ excellent and seasoned attorneys and paralegals whose knowledge and expertise play a vital role in ensuring client satisfaction.

Why Choose us?



We endeavor to provide our clients with skilled legal services in a timely and efficient manner. We offer pragmatic and timely solutions whilst maintaining client interest; our topmost priority. We strive to handle each matter with due care and attentiveness ensuring client satisfaction.


To attain global recognition as a result oriented law firm with a capable and innovative team.


We display a maximum level of:



Osafo Adu-Amankwah & Co. shall be an innovative firm with an empowered team constantly creating value and attaining global benchmarks.


Jude Adu-Amankwah, Esq. was called to the bar in Ghana as a barrister and solicitor in the year 1979. He then joined the Attorney General’s Department where he served the nation as an Assistant State Attorney. He later went into private practice where he performed outstandingly and with a wealth of experience under his sleeves established Osafo Adu-Amankwah & Co. in 2009. He was also Solicitor Secretary at the State Transport Corporation and held the same position at the Meridian Tobacco Limited. He was appointed as Director of the Legal Department of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) and also functioned as the Company and Board Secretary. In 2006, he attained the position of Managing Director as after acquiring extensive knowledge and experience in relation to the inner workings of the ECG.



Jude is an experienced lawyer and the Managing Partner of Osafo Adu-Amankwah & Co. He serves as legal counsel and company secretary for a number of corporate bodies.

He has worked on various projects in the area of housing and construction in both the private and government sectors; drafting and reviewing of agreements.

He facilitated a transaction for the acquisition of a twenty thousand unit affordable housing project for the Government of Ghana. He has further facilitated the recovery of debts for both local and international companies notable amongst them is Exim Bank, United States of America (USA).

Prior to this, Jude has served with the Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO) and the Attorney General’s Department as a service person and worked as a paralegal and lawyer at Afrakoma Chambers. Jude is driven and has strong communication and interpersonal skills.


Karen is a lawyer with impressive experience in the legal field. She went into private practice and worked with Liberty Law Consult. She also doubled as a part-time lecturer at the Accra Polytechnic at the same time.

As the Head of the Legal Department and Board Secretary at the Akuapem Rural Bank, she gained further experience in the areas of litigation; drafting and reviewing of legal documents; and most especially company secretarial duties. Ms. Nai is endowed with good communication, negotiation and interpersonal skills.


Eugene is an experienced corporate lawyer who has assisted on assignments relating to commercial and civil litigation, banking and finance, capital markets, Procurement, Property and Infrastructure, Project Finance and Government Business, Corporate law and Governance and Public Private Partnerships.


He has been part of legal and regulatory advisory teams in relation to tax regimes, labour, local content land.

He played a vital role in the preparation of a draft regulation for the rail sector for the Government of Ghana; preparation of a draft model Road Transport Regulations for the Government of Ghana.

The development of some Public Private Partnerships (PPP) in Ghana in various sectors including the real estate sector.The establishment of a multi-million dollar Occupational Pension Scheme. He has also engaged in various finance transactions including loan and security arrangements in residential and commercial real estate sectors and Alternative Dispute Resolution. He has represented clients in labour disputes, insurance claims and land disputes, compensatory claims for compulsory acquisition of their property including Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) prosecutions and disputes.


He is a petroleum lawyer with several years of upstream petroleum experience under his belt. He spent over five (5) years at the Petroleum Commission, the regulator and manager of Ghana’s upstream petroleum resources.

At the Petroleum Commission, he was instrumental in the drafting and promulgation of several Acts, 

Regulations and Policies that govern the conduct of petroleum activities in Ghana’s upstream petroleum sub-sector.

As a pioneer staff of the Petroleum Commission, he contributed greatly towards the establishment of thePetroleum Commission. Nana was a member of the legal team that secured victory for Ghana in the Maritime Boundary Dispute with Ivory Coast.

Prior to joining the Petroleum Commission, he, among others co-founded and managed Petrolserve Ghana Limited, a fully indigenous Ghanaian owned upstream petroleum service company; served on the boards of Union Savings and Loans Limited (now Omni Bank) and Winneba Salt Industries Limited. He has also occupied several leadership and management positions in his career.

He holds a Master of Laws (L.L.M)degree in Energy Law and Policy from the University of Dundee, Scotland.



Ms. Ayitey was called to the bar of England and Wales in 2012. After training as a certified mediator, she then commenced to serve as a regulatory legal professional in various regulatory bodies in the United Kingdom (UK) including the Financial Ombudsman Service, the Competition and Markets Authority and the regulatory legal team of the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

She was called to the Ghana Bar in 2016. Her practice areas include extensive experience in civil and commercial litigation and a broad range of commercial matters. She often consults as a legal subject matter expert in the fields of civil litigation to organisations and commercial entities. She also hasan interest in family law and specialism in divorce proceedings. She is also a civil and commercial mediator joining the ADR Group in 2012.


Maura is a lawyer and a pharmacist. Her professionalism is reflected in the manner in which she executes her assignments. Her legal work experience stems from her time spent at the Court of Appeal of Ghana and routine law firm practice tasks.


She holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in Impact Entrepreneurship from the Catholic University of Milan, Italy. She serves as a board member for a number of companies in various sectors.

She holds memberships with the Ghana Bar Association since 2018 and the Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana for over a decade.


Nana is a dynamic lawyer with international appeal. His area of expertise includes contract drafting, legal research and compliance. He has worked as a legal officer in the real estate, housing and construction sector overseeing various transactions. He is an avid writer with a critical ability in document scrutiny; paying attention to detail.

He holds a Master of Laws (LL.M) degree in Financial Regulation and Compliance from the BPP University Law School in England, United Kingdom. He is also knowledgeable in the areas of Fraud and Financial Crime, Trans-National Criminal Justice and International Dispute Resolution and Arbitration.

A critical thinker with an unflinching passion for the law. He is a member of the Rwanda Bar Association and the East Africa Law Society.


Kukua is a lawyer with admirable corporate experience. She has risen through the ranks to become chief legal officer and company secretary for some reputable institutions. She has provided guidance and advised various boards on corporate governance and ethics.

She has also executed several corporate commercial transactions successfully.

She holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration.


Sandra Ankobiah is best described as a young female lawyer and entrepreneur.

Synonymous with a visionary Modern African Woman, her eyes and hands connect with a plethora of elements in the Business and Professional stratospheres, as she bases her success on her natural passions and the practicalities of having a professional career.



Jemimah is a hardworking, highly motivated and ambitious young lady who has developed a mature and responsible approach to any task that she undertakes or any situation she is presented with. She is very analytical and excellent in working with others to achieve a set goal or objective on time and with excellence.

She holds a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) degree from University of London, United Kingdom.